1. just watched “Begin Again” 

    the music in that movie is fantastic, the story is a bit cliché but the music is wonderful

  2. A brief rundown of the VMAs

    1. Niki Minaj… I don’t even know what I was watching. that was just crass. Arianna Grande was good but she seems so young and innocent it almost felt like “oh god don’t be with these people! don’t be corrupted!” Jessie J.. why was she not wearing underwear? image
    2. Katy Perry “put of a lot of effort into the song”image

    3. Taylor Swift did a cute job, I liked when she refused to fall off the stage
    4. Jay Pharoah did funny impressions of Jay-Z and Kanye West (as usual)
    5. Sam Smith performed which was nice (a little dull)
    6. Usher sang which was really nice actually image
    7. The Rock category was actually presented during the show…. only because Lorde was nominated (which REALLY confused me cuz her music is hardly even rock) and they didn’t even play the musicimage

      the fact that MTV has basically stated “no one gives a shit about Rock music” is really irritating.
    8. kids from Austrailia sang a generic love songimage
    9. They made a tribute to Robin Williams to the tune of Coldplay’s “Sky Full of Stars”image

    10. Iggy Azalea rapped (kind zoned out at this point)
    11. Maroon 5 performed out doors. Job well done, standard
    12. Miley Cyrus sent a young homeless man to accept her award (pretty lucky that she won otherwise this guy would’ve never been able to speak…). I appreciate the message she was trying to send.
    13. Maroon 5 didn’t really realize their set was done
    14. and last but not least BEYONCE!!! the only real reason anyone even bothered to keep watching the VMAs. She killed it. She is a true performer. And when she was singing about her daughter and when her husband and daughter gave her the Micheal Jackson award image

    Overall the show was boring until the last 20 minutes. Nothing as dramatic as last year.

    now time for an entertaining award show! The Emmys!

  3. #bastille #rockinroma #music #rock #concert  (at ROCK in ROMA)

    #bastille #rockinroma #music #rock #concert (at ROCK in ROMA)

  4. Me listening to Framing Hanley’s new CD 

    seriously every song I’m just like 

     But then I think of the fact that I’m dying to see them live at least once (seriously 4 years and I’m still waiting)

  5. The Grammys

    Best moments:
    1. Imagine Dragons performing and winning for best rock performance
    2. Everyone dancing and singing along to “Get Lucky”
    3. Pink’s performance
    4. Yoko Ono’s dancing
    5. Queen Latifah marrying 33 couples during Macklemore’s “Same Love”
    6. Paul McCartney & Dave Grohl winning best rock song
    7. (although this wasn’t in the actual awards) Stephen Colbert winning another Grammy for his audiobook

    Worst moments:
    When the Grammys cut off the last performance because the show was too long.

    everything else kind of bored me.

  6. Frozen: Mini review

    warning potential spoilers!

    This movie was fantastic.  The music was wonderful, the imagery was spectacular, and the story was original! I do wish the story was more about Elsa and less about Anna (seeing as it was Elsa who was kept locked away for so many years)

    For once we see a story that doesn’t center around the boy saving the girl it centers around two sisters saving each other and truly loving one another.  It showed that there is more than just romantic love, there’s sisterly love too. It’s just as powerful and just as significant (maybe even more).

    The scene of Elsa’s castle being built blew me away! Not only for it’s rich design and enchanting music but for the significance.  It was kind of sad that Elsa found the most happieness alone on a mountain, since she was so afraid to be around others. 

    The whole story of Elsa demonstrates a huge burden that some face, we are so afraid of others finding out things about ourselves that our own fears begin to consume us and we almost lose control of them and they explode (making our nightmares seem like child’s play) but if we all just learn to accept our qualities that frighten us so and not see them as curses we will have better control over them and maybe it won’t be so scary anymore, and more importantly no one will find us scary.

  7. Jazz night #brighton #jazz #music #live #gig  (at Casablanca Jazz Club)

    Jazz night #brighton #jazz #music #live #gig (at Casablanca Jazz Club)

  8. We Don’t Need  No Education - Roger Waters 

    video I took last night when I saw Roger Waters at the Olympic Stadium in Rome 

  9. You can’t see it but he’s shooting some sort of gun #rogerwaters #thewall #pinkfloyd #music #rock #rome

    You can’t see it but he’s shooting some sort of gun #rogerwaters #thewall #pinkfloyd #music #rock #rome

  10. Roger Waters #thewall #pinkfloyd #music #rock #rome

    Roger Waters #thewall #pinkfloyd #music #rock #rome

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