1. my friend Giulia took this 

    my friend Giulia took this 

  2. this is how close I was 

    this is how close I was 

  3. Yellow 


  4. Chris is basically a God right there 

    Chris is basically a God right there 

  5. Chris in the confetti 

    Chris in the confetti 

  6. You guys, last night was the best night of my life…

    I can’t go into detail right now cuz I gotta go work. I will make a massive post later with pictures and maybe videos I took.

    All I can say is I’m in tears thinking about it all, and it was the best night of my entire life. 

    kay bye

About me

Hi I'm Dima.
I'm 20.
I'm half Italian, half Lebanese. I speak English and Italian fluently and I wish I spoke Arabic but my mom never taught me =/, but I speak French pretty well =]

My father is a diplomat so I moved around a lot. I was born in Bastia, France and I lived in Luxembourg, Rome, McLean (VA), New York City (I miss it a lot) and Rome again (I miss it even more).
Now I live in Brighton and am studying Psychology at University of Sussex =D

Film&Photography are my passion, music my love, and my family and friends are my life!
OH, and I love football (soccer)... well watching not playing.

Fav Teams: SSC NAPOLI & Italy (of course)

Fav Bands: Framing Hanley & Coldplay <3 (there's more but those are my top 2 )

Fav Movies: The Apartment, The Darjeeling Limited, The Jungle Book, French Kiss, In & Out (anything with Kevin Kline really) and thousands more...

Fav TV Shows: I could go on forever =p (essentially anything on my blog is my favorite)

1. Whatever I find funny =D
2. Music I love
3.Pix I love

If you don't like it.... well that's not my problem =] enjoy
And for whoever cares:

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