1. Me listening to Framing Hanley’s new CD 

    seriously every song I’m just like 

     But then I think of the fact that I’m dying to see them live at least once (seriously 4 years and I’m still waiting)

  2. So this is the 4th failed attempt at me seeing Framing Hanley (this one being the most feasible one)

    it’s like the universe just doesn’t want to me see Framing Hanley

  3. Just purchased my tickets to see Framing Hanley in October!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    i’m so freaking happy right now i’m not even upset that i have an exam tomorrow, i’m so happy guys!! 

  4. Framing Hanley begin recording new album

    ….and goof off 

  5. Chris is so nice =] 

    Chris is so nice =] 

  6. so that just happened =D
made me really happy since this is the first time they answered my questions plus they want to go to Italy =’D 

    so that just happened =D

    made me really happy since this is the first time they answered my questions plus they want to go to Italy =’D 

  7. Just donated $15 bucks to kickstarter for Framing Hanley =] it’s not much but I don’t make my own money, it’s my parents’ so that’s some of my allowance. 

    Hopefully it’ll mean something in the long run =]

    oh and to that dick who bashed Framing Hanley for asking fans for money, you may think it’s dumb and that they’re dumb, but there are 300,000+ of us that don’t.  They may not have saved my life or anything and I still haven’t seen them live but their music is really wonderful and I don’t think a lack of funding should stop anyone from making music, so if I can help I will gladly help. It’s so unfair that they have to have all this money to make their dream a reality and I want them to keep living their dream because it’s making me happy so I’ll donate, maybe not a lot cuz I’m not swimming in money but you know.

    You don’t have to do anything except keep your mouth shut cuz I could care less what you think about them. 

  8. Framing Hanley announcement coming soon =]

    Framing Hanley announcement coming soon =]

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