Me and my friend Giulia went to see Coldplay together on Friday. and it was the best day of my life. 

We got to the stadium at 3 with Camilla  then we waited in line till 5 to go in.  We got there and managed to get a great spot, pretty close to the stage and really close to the catwalk part.  We were surrounded by Italians (which I found hilarious given that we were in London) and we made friends with a group of Italians from Napoli. 

First ASH came on and they were really good, full or energy, and their music had a great beat.  They played their heart out (even though the crowd wasn’t as ecstatic) 

Next came Marina and the Diamonds, I had heard her stuff before and wasn’t too thrilled but she was actually really good! Her music was fun and her voice was really nice.  There was some poor sap who was calling her name every time she stopped playing hoping to get her attention and failing miserably. 

And finally Coldplay came on and I swear I died right then and there.  They started with “Hurts Like Heaven” and I was dancing around and trying to get a good view of them (it doesn’t help when there are people with freakishly big heads and cameras right in front of you) but still awesome.  

Then came “In My Place” and I knew the confetti bomb was coming but I didn’t expect to be as excited as I was when it happened.  I literally screamed and twirled around as they fell on me. I actually kept some and am planing to put them up on my wall next year.

"Major Minus" was next and of course I just kept dancing and trying to get a good view but was mesmerized by them.  After that was "Lovers in Japan" which just made me so happy cuz it was the last song they played the first time I saw them in ‘08 and those awesome balloons came down, I never got to hit one cuz they kept missing me, but one guy in front of us popped it and confetti came out so we all got excited.  

Next was my all time favorite song “The Scientist” I was so close to tears it was ridiculous.  And when we all sang along at the end, just the look on Chris’s face when we sang made me melt.  And he complimented our singing abilities which made me squeal like a little girls.  Then he stayed on the piano and dedicated the next song to his kids and started to play “Yellow” on the piano.  It was so touching my friend started to cry.  I was singing my heart out the entire time!

After that they played “Violet Hill” in which I sang the chorus too early at one point incredibly loudly and was like “my bad!” that was pretty funny. And then they played “God Put A Smile Upon Your Face” which I was looking forward to cuz they do it AMAZING live!!! So I was rocking out and head banging and everything.  I’m pretty sure at this point Chris was like “wow and we haven’t even gotten to the good songs yet” 

After that him and Guy went to the front of the catwalk (where I spazed cuz Guy is like 100x more attractive in person and I couldn’t believe my eyes) and Johnny followed and they played “Princess of China” and all the girls in front of me were like “OH MY GOD RIHANNA IS COMING OUT!” and I was just like “no…just no.” and halfway through the 2nd verse Chris was like “wait no stop.  you guys didn’t sing, let’s do it again” so we started over and I thought he was gunna sing the rest of the song but he didn’t but I was okay with that.  Then they went on to play “Up In Flames” where the spot light made Chris look like a God (not even kidding).

Next was “Warning Sign” which I was really happy about cuz I have never heard it live and I really like that song.  And immediately after that Chris started to bust a move to the beginning of “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart” and I screamed cuz I adore that song. 

After that amazingness Chris told us to start chanting and we did, and Viva La Vida started! And it was just beautiful, at the end of the song he collapsed on the floor and the whole stadium started to sing and it was just amazing, and he told us “everybody put your hands in the air’ and the bracelets started to light up and I screamed and looked around me, then my all time favorite song “Charlie Brown” came on and I was gunna cry.  I was dancing and singing and recording some of it for my mom.  It was just perfect.  And looking at the videos people made of the song from above made me bawl I mean properly cry. 

Next they played “Paradise” and then they went off stage and the entire crowd started to chant in order to bring them back.  

They went to the back of the stadium and performed “Us Against the World” and “Speed of Sound” 

Then they came back to the front and performed “Clocks” and (since it was properly raining at the point) Chris decided to sing “Singin’ in the Rain” followed by “Fix You” where he spun his jacket around (like he used to spin the torch light) and fireworks shot out and I screamed (where again I was close to tears) and at the end of the song he said “man, they’re going to have a hard time beating you tomorrow.”

And finally they closed the show with “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” with fireworks were lighting up the entire sky. 

the whole night was spectacular. it was a dream come true.  I’m so happy I bought those tickets and went not knowing if I would’ve had an exam the day after.  

4 years ago these guys were the first band I had ever seen live, and here we are 4 years later and my love for them has only grown.  Let’s hope I won’t have to wait another 4 years to see them again.