1. Frozen: Mini review

    warning potential spoilers!

    This movie was fantastic.  The music was wonderful, the imagery was spectacular, and the story was original! I do wish the story was more about Elsa and less about Anna (seeing as it was Elsa who was kept locked away for so many years)

    For once we see a story that doesn’t center around the boy saving the girl it centers around two sisters saving each other and truly loving one another.  It showed that there is more than just romantic love, there’s sisterly love too. It’s just as powerful and just as significant (maybe even more).

    The scene of Elsa’s castle being built blew me away! Not only for it’s rich design and enchanting music but for the significance.  It was kind of sad that Elsa found the most happieness alone on a mountain, since she was so afraid to be around others. 

    The whole story of Elsa demonstrates a huge burden that some face, we are so afraid of others finding out things about ourselves that our own fears begin to consume us and we almost lose control of them and they explode (making our nightmares seem like child’s play) but if we all just learn to accept our qualities that frighten us so and not see them as curses we will have better control over them and maybe it won’t be so scary anymore, and more importantly no one will find us scary.

  2. Just re-watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl and I realized 2 things. 

    1. I forgot how much I loved that movie.

    2. I first saw it over 10 years ago O_O 

  3. BAHAHAHAHAHAH This is amazing 

    BAHAHAHAHAHAH This is amazing 

  4. =]


  5. I See the Light (from Disney’s Tangled)- cover by Nick Pitera 


  6. A Goofy Movie: Stand Out and Eye to Eye


    such great songs <3

  7. wedding photos inspired by Disney 

    1) Up!

    2) Alice and Wonderland

    3) Who Framed Rodger Rabbit?

  8. alright Hollywood must be doing really shitty right now if they have to re-release The Lion King, Titanic AND Beauty and the Beast in 3D. 

  9. ellie-badge:

    Day 1: My Favorite Pixar Movie

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