1. L’inno nazionale. Non solo per il calcio <3 

  2. Cavani is leaving for PSG… that’s where Lavezzi went. 

    PSG, do me a favor STOP TAKING OUR PLAYERS! 

  3. Just found out that Cavani will be staying in Napoli till 2017


    viva SSC Napoli!! 

  4. Maggio quanto ti adoro

    ho dovuto comprare la tua maglietta!!

  5. Circo massimo during the finals (Taken with Instagram)

    Circo massimo during the finals (Taken with Instagram)

  6. Nostri azzurri had a good run (Taken with Instagram)

    Nostri azzurri had a good run (Taken with Instagram)

  7. we lost 4-0

    But despite the massacre by the Spanish (who inevitably played better than we did that’s for sure) I’m proud of my Azzurri, we gave it our all throughout the tournament, it just wasn’t ours tonight… Maybe next time. 

    Till then I will always support my Azzurri. 

    And as for the Spanish team, they will be going down in history that’s for sure. 


    I hear people celebrating in the street! it’s so awesome! I can’t believe this! We played so amazingly, we gave everyone a good lesson in how you play football!!! (we should’ve made 2 more goals and Germany didn’t deserve that penalty shot but I don’t care)

    off to go against Spain on Sunday!!!! We start with Spain and we’re going to end with them as well. Let’s destroy their winning streak! 

  9. the amazingness that is Gigi Buffon!

    the amazingness that is Gigi Buffon!

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