1. danasaur-lester:

matt smith to peter capaldi probably


    matt smith to peter capaldi probably

  2. hellomynameis-sydneycarton:






    I will always love Jim Carrey.

    Make time to watch this entire speech. Truly inspiring

  3. stacey-musicbox:

    These gag reels have made my day ❤️

  4. fallontonight:

    Get your dancing shoes on, it’s our pal Amy Poehler’s birthday! 

    Let’s party! 

  5. nbcsnl:

    The perfect GIF set for today. Happy 50th, Molly Shannon!

  6. nbcparksandrec:

    Happy birthday, Amy!

  7. Bubbles #southken #bubbles #sciencemuseum #london  (at Science Museum)

    Bubbles #southken #bubbles #sciencemuseum #london (at Science Museum)

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Hi I'm Dima.
I'm 20.
I'm half Italian, half Lebanese. I speak English and Italian fluently and I wish I spoke Arabic but my mom never taught me =/, but I speak French pretty well =]

My father is a diplomat so I moved around a lot. I was born in Bastia, France and I lived in Luxembourg, Rome, McLean (VA), New York City (I miss it a lot) and Rome again (I miss it even more).
Now I live in Brighton and am studying Psychology at University of Sussex =D

Film&Photography are my passion, music my love, and my family and friends are my life!
OH, and I love football (soccer)... well watching not playing.

Fav Teams: SSC NAPOLI & Italy (of course)

Fav Bands: Framing Hanley & Coldplay <3 (there's more but those are my top 2 )

Fav Movies: The Apartment, The Darjeeling Limited, The Jungle Book, French Kiss, In & Out (anything with Kevin Kline really) and thousands more...

Fav TV Shows: I could go on forever =p (essentially anything on my blog is my favorite)

1. Whatever I find funny =D
2. Music I love
3.Pix I love

If you don't like it.... well that's not my problem =] enjoy
And for whoever cares:

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